fig.1: A boat.


Cruise of the R/V Bellows Part of the Marine Field Methods Course offered by the department of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences, Summer Session, 2010

The participants were Chiu Cheng, J.T. Cox, Jay Hooper, Lee Russell, Eric Mortenson, Christian Salvaterra, Carlowen Smith, Ashley Stroman, Nicolas Wienders, and Stephanie White

Main scientific highlights of the cruise were:

fig.2: Scurvy Crew

NGI Poster

We have prepared a poster for the 2011 Northern Gulf Institute Annual Conference showing some of the preliminary results from the cruise!

FSU Blog

The Marine Field Methods course was mentioned on the FSU news site.

Hydrographic Castings

View Larger Map GE map of Hydrographic Stations

Waypoints and Data

fig.3: another boat.

River Transect

View Larger Map GE map of River Stations

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R/V Bellows Cruise
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